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Glad to be of help.

Oh, and if anyone wants a great way to save those photos and keep them safe I would suggest buying a fotochute

These things have an internal battery that is good for uploading TONS of pictures, and you dont need a computer to transfer the pictures from your camera to the fotochute...just attach your download cable from camera to the fotochute and press one button...its that simple. It also acts as a portable hard drive. Then when you get home, you can attach it to your computer and send those files to photochute directly. No wasting hard drive space... 8)

Trying your PhotoBucket...

This is the first team I sponsored in our community.  They chose their own name for the team, \"McSonics\".  The story behind the name isn\'t very extraordinary.  The ladies at first wanted to use my name (McCarthy).  When I refused to let them, they asked about my \"home\" team in the US, \"Seattle Sonics\".  Thus the name \"McSonics\".  They did very well in regional tournaments and they used the uniforms playing volleyball as well. 

Does anyone know if you can do the same with Flickr?



You can do it, but difficult. I have been going all over the site because I have some pictures there, but way more difficult than Photobucket.

To do it, you have to download pictures to Flickr, mark them as public, then make them into a set and add a title. Then go to the bottom of the screen and click FAQ.

Go to \"Photos\" section, click #23 then click on Create Dynamic Badge. Follow Direction for HTML (make sure to select thumbnail or midsized for photos).

Copy and paste badge to your post. I haven\'t done this yet because I find it easy to do on Photobucket. Yeah, getting lazy in my old

Sorry, wish I could be of more help on this one.

Gray Wolf:
Rufus!  You handsome devil!  See, it\'s not hard to use PhotoBucket.  Nice background in your picture.  Where is it?



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