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Peso seen to weaken by 4 pct vs US dollar in 2016

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Good news, if true. for those of us who live on dollars

--- Quote ---An economist expects the Philippine peso to weaken by 4 percent this year from 2 percent in 2015.

Luz Lorenzo, economist at Maybank ATR Kim Eng, said the US dollar has been strengthening against a basket of currencies, including the peso, and investors are funneling funds to the green back in anticipation of future Fed rate hikes. -- ANC Market Edge, February 5, 2016

--- End quote ---

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
Hard to believe that their crystal balls are working for them so called experts on the world wide economy!
If it happens, it'll happen! Just saying........ :o  ::)

Art makes a good point.  Not too many will be accurate in predictions when it comes to markets on this rock we live on now days.

That said, would be nice.  When I got here 3 years ago it was almost $25 = 1000php.  If this happens, by next year it'll be less than $20 = 1000php.  Would be a nice help.

Steve & Myrlita:
Yes it is. Unfortunately, they are raising prices to compensate.

This is my 2nd time living in the Phils.  The first time in Bataan and I was easily able to jump a ferry to Manila.  I noticed then that prices moved up and down on a regular rate. 

Now that I live in a poor province and a long way form any city, the prices do not bounce hardly at all.  Eggs a little, and fuel too.  But apart from those, prices on most things stay pretty level. 

So when I see news like this, it gets me a little happy.


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