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Renewing US based debit/Atm cards while living in the philippines

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I have a question and maybe it's been asked before but I'll ask anyway. Anyone have experience on renewing your US debit card while living in the Philippines? I was thinking banks or credit unions might not send you a new debit card through the mail if your in the Philippines. Any takes on this? Thanks!

My bank refused to.  In fact, they required an address in the USA to be on my account.  So I talked to my siblings and a sister said I could use her's.  She then got the card and sent it to me here in the Phils in a LBC package. 

I have a credit card (Chase) that goes to my sister's house.  I can activate the new card online so she just sends it to me without it being activated.  I activate it online when I receive it in the PHL.  She usually sends it via FedEx.  (So there is the cost of FedEx for me.)

I have a Schwab international account that uses my PHL address so they send my debit card directly to my PHL address.  I don't remember how I activate this card but I use Skype to call Schwab's 800 number when I need to and it's free.

My Schwab card expired and I was in Manila. I called their number and told the rep I was on vacation. He sent the card by air freight and I received it in 3 days and activated it.

Ok, thanks for the answers. From the answers given it seems the card will be sent to a US address and then someone needs to forward it to the Philippines. I have a Navy Federal Credit Union debit card and I guess if worse came to worse, I could fly to Guam to the NFCU on the navy base and have one or two made on the spot. Kind of an expensive trip but you gotta do what you gotta do.


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