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Renewing US based debit/Atm cards while living in the philippines

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I have a visa and an American express, and both send my new cards to me no problem at all (sent a replacement card as well, when one was lost)

Did you provide a local Philippine address or a military FPO address?

Just got off the phone with Navy Federal.  They informed me that if I had debit/ATM issues in the Philippines they would express mail me a new card in a couple of days. I informed them that I would have a FPO mailing address. I also asked if I could expedite the card using Fed Express, DHL or LBC at my expense and they told me I could.


--- Quote from: JoeLP on April 30, 2019, 10:07:10 AM ---My bank refused to.  In fact, they required an address in the USA to be on my account.  So I talked to my siblings and a sister said I could use her's.  She then got the card and sent it to me here in the Phils in a LBC package.

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I do exactly the same for Ireland.


--- Quote from: iamjames on May 12, 2019, 03:56:40 PM ---I do exactly the same for Ireland.

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My bank in Scotland (BoS) will send cards to the Philippines, but the cards (and one time the PIN envelope) have gone astray in the past.

I now have them sent to my daughter's address in GB and she then sends the card by registered mail to me here. She keeps the PIN envelope and then telephones me with the PIN when I email to confirm I have received the card.

Works for us.



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