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Gray Wolf:
From the website, List and Forum owner, Don Herrington:

LinPC Forum Posting Guidelines
The Moderators are here to help. These gentlemen are volunteers, no pay and often under appreciated. Without them there would be off topic posts, flame wars and general confusion. You can get their help by using the Report to Moderator button on any post
*Ask Specific Questions*

We encourage your questions to be as specific as possible. For instance, a question like: \"How much does it cost to build a house in the Philippines?,\" is impossible to answer. It would be necessary to know whether the house would be built in the city or the countryside, how big a house, whether it would be built to western standards, what kind of materials would be used, etc. If you ask your questions thoughtfully, our many knowledgeable members will surely provide the information you seek.

Please be aware our advice and that of our members carries no guarantee. Opinions are only opinions, advice is just advice - not gospel or law. We all tend to generalize at times, in an effort to communicate. This is to be expected and proper. Sweeping generalizations should be characterized as such. Bashing generalizations are against the rules.

You may get off list \"great deal,\" \" get rich quick\" offers we can\'t prevent, promises of massive returns on investments. Neither \"Living in the Philippines\" nor I endorse any business proposals you may get from anyone on or off Forum. On Forum they are prohibited. Someone may contact you with an offer off forum saying \"I am a member of the Living in the Philippines Forum or List, buy from me.\" Please report them to a moderator. Being a member of this Forum alone does not make their product or service more valuable or carry the group\'s recommendation just because of their membership. Let you, the buyer, beware of spammers.

*Posting Commandments*

The \"Commandments\" below, (not called so in the biblical sense, but to infuse some humor, written for many e-mail lists by an anonymous author)  have become even more important as the LinPC Forum grows.  Please help yourself and others by reading and applying them. I breach them all too often. Please do not follow my example.   

1) Thou shalt include a descriptive and specific topic line. If you change subject, *thou shalt* change the subject in the topic line to reflect the new content.

2) Thou shalt make use of the \"Quote\" button when you reply to specific posts, thus enabling us all to be on the same page.

3) Thou shalt read thine own message thrice before thou sendest it.

4) Thou shalt ponder how thy recipient might react to thy message.

5) Thou shalt check thy spelling and thy grammar.

6) Thou shalt not curse, flame, name call, spam or USE ALL CAPS, but thou may use all lower case letters. For emphasis, use \"*\" *not* uppercase.

7) Thou shalt not forward any chain letter or *off topic* joke.

8  ) Thou shalt not use e-mail for any illegal or unethical purpose.

9) Thou shalt not rely on the privacy of e-mail, especially from work.

10) When in doubt, save thy message overnight and reread it in the light of dawn.

11) That which thou findest hateful to receive, sendest thou not unto others.

12) Thou shalt not include tag lines or references to political campaigns, religious views, personal websites or pithy quotes.

13) Thou shalt absolutely never forward a virus alert. If thou must, though shalt only forward a link to a specific web page with the domain of the seer Norton or the seer MacAfee or Avast!, wherein the evil virus is described.

14) Thou shalt not ask members to contact you directly for some information. But rather just make the information available if you can, and feel it would be of an interest to the group. Post the information, if you can, upload a file if you must. If you are concerned your posting would break the rules of the group - ask the Moderators for clarification first.

Wow, I know that was a lot to read. But it may help you a lot if you are serious about this Forum. Again, new friends, welcome to the Living in the Philippines Community Forum. I hope it provides you sound information, insights, and even dear friends, as it has me. I know it can make your life happier here or wherever you are, if you are interested in the Philippines.

Very best always,

Don A. Herrington
Cebu City, Philippines
Where the Mountains Meet the Sea
In the Land of Smiles
Home of the Living, Retiring, Traveling and Doing Business in the Philippines Mailing List


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