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I have a question for those on here about plans when the time comes....

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I had often thought about getting cremated, then packed in a MK-106 practice bomb to be dropped off a USN jet in to the deep blue but I doubt they would be willing to do that for me as I am only a bottom of the totem pole vet.

Maline plans on burying me on our farm, we are in the process of designating a piece of land just for the family...

We have no plans and have only discussed it fleetingly. Personally I would request to deal with my remains as simply as possible. If it is here in the Philippines I have no idea what that would entail. If back in Australia then cremation it would be. Having said that if my wife goes first then I would
probably  do something more fancy. And she probably would for me too. A lot will depend on our financial situation when the time comes. Certainly would never insure for it. But then we don't insure for much at all.
Still we are hoping that's many years off.

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
I've noticed in the Philippines that more Memorial Cemeteries have been coming up with a lot of various plans one can buy to handle and manage burials services for families. We just had a new Memorial Cemetery constructed a few miles from our home that sells burial plans of all sorts.
Here's the one near us and they have others located elsewhere.

I am some what of a loner person.I don't have much Family back in the states at all.The ones that are still alive could care less about me.I do like friends but seem to make my share of mistakes.My pinay wife and The Filipino people have made me very happy for the first time in my life.If I have disrespected any of you plz forgive me for my past remarks....I told my wife just to cremate me and throw me away wer ever she the money for her.not to waste..


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