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20 ft shipping container Australia to Manila

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Big Pearl go to the DHL site on the internet look for the ocean fright division they can arrange shipment of a 40 Foot Container for you Or just contact there office in Manila or your country where your shipping from. Also it may be cheaper for you to buy a last use container that way its shipped directly to your location and no charge for return figure the cost of 1200 USD 20 footer or 1500 USD for 40 footer

Good Luck

Wow, thanks FMSINC that's great info, funny though I did look at their website many months ago and only found boxes, document mailing etc. maybe I should have had a mummy look instead of a daddy look.
Again thanks and I will look into it and give an update.
Cheers, Steve

Hi all, thanks for the info FMSINC but was a dead end, I spoke to them and yes they ship containers through out the world but in Australia only commercial not personal household etc. They put me onto 2 other companies that could help but yet again those 2 companies only did boxes etc.
Frustrating as you would think DHL would know companies that ship personal containers. All  this aside I do have access to 2 companies that can ship for us to Manila and another company from Manila to La Union.

What I can not find out is correct info on taxes and import duties for personal belongings shipped to the Philippines. I am slack, as I said in an earlier post on this thread that I would speak to PRA regarding taxes and the SRRV but have not to date, maybe DU30 will raise the threshold on this issue as is being done with Balikbayan boxes, we will see.
Cheers, Steve


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