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20 ft shipping container Australia to Manila

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That seems a huge price for a 20foot. Certainly I would pack it myself. I have been quoted about AUS$5000 to ship from Ireland.

Hi readers, 3 replies here.
CONCHYDONG, yes it would appear that the Aussie companies deal looks better and I can pack it myself, have done that personally and also with SEG where we ship 70 odd containers annually (20 and 40 footers), space is a premium and they're exempt from duties as long as what we bring in leaves again. SEG has done this twice in the last 4 years in PH.
I can pack our belongings and still get insurance with the Aussie shipping company.
We would keep the container once landed at home in PH, firstly giving us time to unpack and secondly extra storage/workshop etc.

COGON88, the local broker/company we are dealing with does not want to know about VAT or duties, that, apparently is in the hands of the Gods and that we need to talk to them,,,,,,,,,,,,am trying but like bashing your head against a brick wall. they have never heard of the SRRV etc, etc.

IAMJAMES, that appears to be the cost after many quotes, is your price of AU 5K landed in Manila or another port still on the boat or to your door including all costs? I have been to Ireland many years ago and know that it is at least 11,000 kms to PH and OZ is 4600 kms to PH.
If your rates tally up please let me know and I will approach your shipping company, keep us posted.

Cheers, Steve

If your talking to a local broker that does not know about duties vat and the clearances for customs under the SRRV then you need another broker make sure you have all you paper work from the BI for your SRRv and the paper work from them for your duty free importation  if you ship it before you have this and the shipment arrives here ail be hell to pay and you'll be paying it

Hi all, yes so far I have talked to 2 brokers in Manila and both have never heard of tax/duty exemptions regarding the SRRV, they have never heard of it until I have approached then,,,,,hence, Sir that will be customs and BOF, as I said in another post no one I have spoken to in those departments knows what I am talking about,,,,,,,good thing I have plenty of time to research/hassle the powers that be and I will be doing that starting with the PRA.
If you know of a broker that is up to speed on all this let me know and I will gladly talk to them.
Wish me luck, lol.
Cheers, Steve

Good Luck Steve in advance

I use DHL Global i Manila for clearances

I did have a waver from the Department of Agriculture  a few years back on some equipment

if the SRRV wavier is like that you get there letter of certification from them on your import item

Your broker then takes it to the DOF who then issuers an exemption from duty and then your broker presents there certification to the BOC at the time of clearance

But if its just a few thousand dollars exemption it is probably not worth your time and hassle to go through all that mess

Good luck on the move wish you the best of luck



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