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Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
Just checking in to say Hi!
"Hi"! OMG, another IHOP fan! ::) ??? :o ;)

    Just getting ready this weekend here in San Antonio to watch the Spurs blow another playoff (hopefully not!).  My daughter is moving to Dallas this summer to start work on her Ph.D. at SMU and I have already warned her not to be seduced by those wicked Maverick fans. :)
    We head out for the Philippines Tuesday and will be visiting family in Angeles, as well as seeing the sites in Baguio and Manila.  We're looking forward to the trip but not to that long flight from LA to Seoul.  After that the flight from Seoul to the Philippines seems just like a short hop. 


Enjoy your trip Mike and be sure to fill us in when you have time.

As for the flights, I can relate. We take Delta to Atlanta and then KAL from Atlanta to Seoul and then to Cebu with a total travel time of around 30 hours including layovers and not including start time from our home and I am usually wiped out for a week after going and coming. :(

I love our time in the Philippines but I hate the travel back and forth. :(

I have been with this forum from the very beginning with an interruption caused by a dispute with an ex moderator outside of the forum :( This caused a lot of my early posts to be marked as 'guest' giving me a lot lower post count. Jack brought me back in again but I am a bit cautious about posting now having had my fingers burnt.

My wife and I were married in the UK in 1988 and moved permanently to the Philippines in 2005. We spent one year in Manila and the rest of the time in Puerto Princesa Palawan.  We rented initially in the city centre but moved into our newly built house around 3 years ago. Problems with the contractors caused us to lose a lot of money so we are still making improvements. The latest, in progress now, is building a wall around the lot.

My two centavos- I am bone tired but the house is almost finished. Soon some well deserved rest and a few cold ones.


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