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« on: December 29, 2007, 06:51:06 AM »
Hi all,

Am retiring soon to the Philippines. Have learned a lot from many forums and I\'m trying to return in kind what I\'ve learned as I travel there in preparation for retirement.

Originally from Idaho, but grew up mostly in Hawaii. First job in life was picking pineapples for a plantation company. Then later the Army (helicopter mechanic) and Peace Corps (farming) which surprises many, but still counts as service to the USA as far as I\'m concerned. Ended up being a professor and now an administrator. But at heart, I\'m still a pineapple picker, and excuse my postings if they sound kind of academic at times.

Was married to an American born Filipina for 20+ years and got to know Filipino culture (as it exists in Hawaii). Am in the process of trying to figure out now where to settle in the Philippines and am making regular trips there to do my recon.

Hope some of my postings will be useful to others who are also thinking about moving to the Phils as they represent some of the useful things I\'ve learned along the way.