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YouTube Modification Added to Forum - Rules For Use!


Gray Wolf:
We\'ve recently modified the Forum to accept YouTube links which can be embedded in the body of your post!  This is a great mod for those who like to do photo essays or travelogs.  

Common sense rules apply here!  No X-rated or even R-rated vids, please!  
Also, no overtly political, religious or radical videos, please.  This includes questionable music videos. 
No racism, sexism or any other \"isms\"!  Please!
Respect your fellow members in our online community. 
Mods will pull any link that abuses these rules, no if\'s and\'s or butts!   ;D

Seriously, keep them PG-rated and as always, they must be RP related.  I expect to see some good ones from some of you!  

To use the function, you copy the URL line paste it in place in your post.  Then highlight the link and click on the YouTube button to put \"YouTube\" brackets around the link.  Then click on \"Preview\" to view your link before final posting.  You should see the video screen on your preview page.  If so, click on \"Post\" and the video link will appear in the post.

Here\'s a sample:


We\'ve been testing this in the Test Board, for those who haven\'t noticed.  Go there to practice before using the tool.  This way there will be less frustration.   :D   ;D

A question was asked about embedding other sites vids.  I don\'t know the answer.  Try it in the test section first, then we\'ll all know.   ;D

Keep the videos clean and Philippine related!  Have fun!   :)



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