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Gray Wolf:
We now have photo attachments functioning properly.   If you have photos to share but don't wish to use PhotoBucket or another online service to create the code, you can attach photos saved on your computer to the bottom of your post. 

For best performance they should be no larger than 750KB and are displayed as clickable thumbnails at the bottom of your post.  When you click on the photos they enlarge right on the page.  You may have to adjust your screen size to properly see them.

I've attached two shots below as a test... and they appear to be working properly!  Yeeheey!!   :)

Remember to keep the file size down to 750KB or less.  Larger images may eat up too much memory and we'd have to start deleting photos, so please be considerate of others when you use this tool.

Thanks and have fun!   :)


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