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Guest posts showing up, older members please rejoin if you find you cannot post


D. Williams:
Recently I have noticed that quite a few guests posts are showing up and I wanted to explain to members why. Guests cannot post.

Sometime before I started helping out on this forum there had been a change over in software that messed everything up. When that new software did not work as desired the forum was migrated back to this software and once again a lot of things got messed up.

Former members are welcome to join again and even some members who may have been banned from this forum may join again, as long as they are willng to behave. The rules will be more lax now, yet at the same time we will not tolerate members attacking each other or using profanity. Hope that explains it and I wish the software had not gotten messed up but it did and we have to make the best of it.

To the active members thank you, to the inactive members and those who may have gotten lost during the change of software, we hope you become active again.


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