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Gray Wolf:
Okay folks. It's "Do or Die" time. The forum hosting service has given us only a couple of days to come up with the fee to continue hosting. Go to our original website at livinginthephilippines.com and click the donate button on the home page and pitch in. We need 19k to continue for another year. Gerlie is trying to negotiate a smaller fee but we all need to step up and kick in now. No time to waste.
Hope to see everyone kick in sonething in the next 24 hours


Hello Kuya Jack,

Thank you for posting about the donation.
Hi and hello everyone. I think some of you here knows about me already. I've been working with Sir Don for almost 15 years on his called website https://www.livinginthephilippines.com/.

Guys, please help the forum to stay active. The web hosting company emailed me that the hosting service  of the forum was due last September 16 and the total due amount is P 19,000.00 . I asked a favor of the web host if they can put back the website for 3 days to gather some donation. After 3 days if we can't settle the invoice probably the forum will down again.

Thank you for your understanding!



Gray Wolf:
Go to this link to donate now

Tried making a donation with a credit and a debit card.  Will not take either and I don't have a Pay Pal account.  My cards work everywhere else so I don't know.  Any other suggestions?

New brothers & Ate's?......a few bucks (pesos) keeps you informed of past, present and the newest projection of the greatest Pacific Island in the world and other great members and some regional news.


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