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Not sure if video is allowed in the photo section, so hope this is ok. Here\'s a short video I shot on my recent first visit to Manila. Took a day trip to Tagaytay and this is the result. I\'m now planning to come back, hopefully for good, later this year.

Richard Small | Large

Linking to a video (as you have done) is fine.......directly loading a video to the website is a no-no

BC Boy:
Thank you i now have a new bed time meditation song....

ps that cam takes sweet vids

Gray Wolf:
GREAT VIDEO!!  The new Canon 550D is all it\'s reported to be!  You can really see the difference with the 1080p HD resolution! 

I have been wanting a digital rebel since Canon first announced that series over a decade ago !

That 550D is SWEET ! And under $200 more than the Nikon 5000 series SLR I had been contemplating

Amazing that you can now make a movie with a SLR that rivals the quality of E.N.G. movies we made with $80,000 Betacams back in the early 90\'s !





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