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Uloaded a picture yet it did not appear after I pressed change/ save profile ?


Magandang gabi

Perhaps I am doing something wrong and/or perhaps it takes a while for the picture to get process but I did do one approximately 24 hours ago and it did not upload?

And then once again I tried to day?

And/or perhaps it recognizes ugly and just refuses... to process ugly pictures which in that case I am out of luck :-[

and/or perhaps I am just not so smart you know... yes it must be that it happens all the time when I work with computers so if someone has a simple solution I would greatly appreciate it.

Salamat po

Mahatma Gandhi to you too...
Perhaps the photo you are trying to upload is too large or an incorrect format for the forum system.
Try using a web photo hosting site like photobucket or flicker then upload from there.
They can automatically resize them for forum use.
I use photobucket and have had good results.

Salamat po,

OO` ...too large at 8 megs hi res  ...this is most likly the issue... I will have to resize a photo...

And a good day to ya

you will note in very small text on the upload page it says 150k per image.


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