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So, in the currrent events. Trump coming to the Philippines.


To what point?  Yes, speculation. 

Just to meet Duterte?  Just a public event for social reasons?  To discus terrorism with Duterte?  Trade deals? 

I'm guessing public show of support for Duterte with hopes of helping with any future deal/deals down the road.  Mix in what I honestly feel is mutual support for each other and some friendly chit chat.  But that could be done over the phone. 

And I thought a basic law of Physics was that like signs repel!  ???

I mentioned in another thread that they were going to be fishing out in Manila Bay together.  They can not do that over the phone.

I take it as good news for us.

Gray Wolf:
Trump is making a visit to several countries in Asia, as well as attending the AESEAN conference. A visit to the PH wouldn't be completely out of the norm for any politician.


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