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Travelling During Covid Restrictions


On Saturday, our daughter travelled back to the SLU in Baguio, to attend a 4 month refresher course, prior to the Board examination in August. She was accompanied by her Mum to help her move into her new apartment.

The following is the paperwork/eDocs required by the Baguio City authorities, when travelling by public transport.

Genesis buses are the only ones operating between the Bataan and Baguio. Victory Liner has temporarily suspended operations on this route.

Early last week my wife went to the Genesis terminal in Balanga to find out the requirements. They, Genesis, require a negative "swab" test, carried out no more than 72 hours before day of travel. This is to be shown, along with the photo-ID referenced on the "Swab" certificate, to the conductor before entering the bus.
This test may be carried out at any registered medical facility. She was quoted, per head (or should I say per nose LOL!) PhP 5,000.00 for a private clinic test in Balanga, 4,000.00 in a (Hermosa) DoH clinic and 3,500.00 in our local (Dinalupihan) private hospital.

On Friday morning they had their tests and received their (negative) certificates after a wait of around 3 hours. The Baguio triage/quarantine centre has a travel/arrival application, on which there is an opton to upload a scan of the test certificates, to pre-qualify entry to the city. This they did.

Before boarding the bus on Saturday morning, the conductor inspected and photographed their certificates, then sent the photos to the Baguio Quarantine Centre website.

Genesis also required all passengers to wear face masks, face shields and sit in a designated, socially distanced, seat while travelling.
When they reached the Baguio checkpoint, all personal IDs and certificates were checked against Baguio's triage/quarantine records and the bus allowed to proceed to the Genesis terminal.

Their Genesis bus originated in Mariveles and, apart from picking up pre-confirmed passengers on route, the only scheduled stops were at the Dao (sp?) and Tarlac terminals. San Fernando (Pampanga) was by-passed, as were all the other, former, bus 'rest areas' (my words).

Point to note. Unlike pre-covid days, the Genesis buses will now only stop to pick up passengers going directly to Baguio, who have the correct paperwork/eDocs.
Anyone wishing to go to an intermediate location, or those not in possession of the correct paperwork and PPE, will be denied entry to the bus.

Genesis runs 2 buses each way, daily.

These are the public transport requirements between locations in the Bataan and Baguio City. Things may be different in your area.

As an aside, there were only 11 passengers going, with 5 on the wife's return trip the following day, which may go some way to explain why Victory Liner has suspended operation on this particular route.

Stay safe all.



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