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I have to eventually come up with a plan to break up and dispose of the concrete patio left over after the demolition of house on a property that my wife now owns. There was roughly a 20 to 30 foot square slab there which is largely still intact. I\'m guessing it\'s 6 inches or more thick and requires jack hammers to break it up. I would plan to break it into chunks approx 6 inches cubed, and hope to disperse it across the entire property as it sits below street grade and i need to elevate. The property sits between Cabanatuan and Tarlac so i think i can locate an excavating contractor with the right equipment on† a weeks notice. I plan to come for up to a 2 or 3 month stay, 1 and a half to 2 years from now with my wife who would make contact with the excavator. I would have to step forward in 2 weeks when my wife has to leave, and tend to work that\'s left, possibly with the help of other family members. I want to finish a front wall / fence and leave the property ready for the next phase - foundation when i leave back for the states again, retirement for me, still 5 or more years away.

Any thoughts appreciated,

Gray Wolf:
Yeah, believe nothing you hear from contractors there and only 1/10th of what you see.† ;D

If you\'re going to cover it with fill, why do all the work of jackhammering it out?† Is it in the way of something?† If not, leave it.†

Don\'t give any contractors money until the job is done.†  ;)† :)

I agree with Grey Wolf. If you need to elevate the property, why evan bother to break up the slab ? Your going to need to fill over it anyway.
Let you wife handle the negotiations with the Contractor. Keep your foreigner face far away unless you want to pay double or triple the price.
Put your money in the bank until you are there to be able to directly supervise the work.
Count on spending P15,000 Per Square Meter of floor space.
Carefully consider liviing near family. It can be a blessing or a curse. Also consider the neighbours. Say what you will about living in a gated subdivision. I enjoy having professionals as neighbours. You know the ones that don\'t burn trash, have fighting cocks and stay up all hours of the night getting drunk and blaring karoke or other \"music\".

I\'ve had one house contracted and buit and am in the process of remodeling another. Married and living in the Philippines since 2002.

Paul in Iloilo

Don\'t know if it wont be only inches of fill in some spots which may be washed away. If i break it up, it will improve drainage at the least.

Gray Wolf:
\'Sup to you, bro.† I\'ll bet the contractor doesn\'t use a jackhammer.† I bet you P10 he uses 2-3 guys at most, with one sledgehammer and maybe a pry bar.†  ;D† ;D† ;D


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