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A shoutout for Seashore Springs Resort

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Last weekend Tina, our boys and I went to San Antonio Island off the west coast of Northern Samar.  Now Tina loves Haven Of Fun beach resort and that's where she wanted to go again.  So we arrive at the island and go to Haven Of Fun.  They are all sold out except for the top priced cottage that was two stories with a small kitchenette/bath and living space downstairs and a large bedroom upstairs with 3 beds(1 queen, 2 singles).  The price was 1850php/night, but both boys being over 6 added an extra 150php/night each.  So over 2k php.  So I thank the man and walked out with Tina on my heels asking what's going on. 
I told her I wanted to look at the resort next door(Seashore Springs Resort).  Tina was upset because her good friend is the daughter of the owner of HOF resort.  But she followed me and we hit the office.  They took us at 9am to the 700php cottage.  It was 2 levels.  A bed/bath/working area on the first with a queen bed in the bedroom.  The upstairs was full large bedroom with 2 full size mattresses there.  We took that.  Later Tina learned that her friends cousin owned Seashore springs as she was ok. 
The difference between the two rooms was the Seashore Spring room had no AC, but as a man who NEEDED it in the USA, i was very comfortable with just a fan and the breeze off the beach.  Also, the HOF cottage was about 30 meters off the water, the Seashore Spring was only about 5 meters at high tide, and 12 meters at most at low tide.  Real close, with a nice table/benches on the porch off the front, then a 2 meter space to walk, then a covered table that had a railing on the far side that during high tide you only had to jump over and down and were in the water.(the beach was not a big slope, but the railing that rane pretty even to the water sat on top of a rock teer that rose about 3 feet and had steps every so far apart to reach the beach).
So for almost 3 full days and 2 very comfortable nights with food included from the resto we spent about $65 usd(about 2400php) total for the room and stay. 
It's a little known island full of resorts all over it, but was surprised with the quality of the stay and the comfort.  It is rustic by American standards, but for a country boy like me it was great.

Thanks for posting and sharing this information.  Good to know.

Thanks, personal recommendations are always the best guide.

Excellent information. We should have more of these reports here. We are all gentlemen of leisure - but at the right price.

Travelling Bob:
sounds like a great place to relax.



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