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Eco-friendly airport to rise in Bohol, which is now a world-class tourism desti

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Will surely make the area much busier.

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According to the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC), the construction of the P7-billion Bohol Airport would start in June after the ceremonial signing of the  New Bohol airport  between the DOTC and Japanese joint venture Mitsubishi Corporation and Chiyoda Corporation was held Wednesday.

“Tourists in Bohol continue to grow each year that passes. Unfortunately, the current airport may not be able to accommodate the increase over time. This gives us the need to cater to the increasing number of tourists and this means modernizing and expanding the airport with a design that is of international standards,” Transportation Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya said in a statement.

Abaya said the New Bohol Airport would replace the current Tagbilaran Airport, which is the 11th busiest airport in the Philippines.

The transport official said Tagbilaran airport catered to around 789,800 passengers in 2013 despite its size of only 850 square meters.

“The first greenfield airport under the Aquino administration is 10 times bigger than the Tagbilaran Airport, with a floor area of around 8,800 square meters, boosting the annual passenger capacity to 1.7 million passengers,” Abaya said.

He said the new airport is expected to be completed within 30 months or in 2017 to early 2018.

According to him, the airport would have environmentally friendly and energy saving features such as the installation of LED lights.

He said only the pre-departure area would have an air conditioner, which would be operated by a solar-powered energy while the rest of the areas would be open.

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The perimeter and center roads all around Panglao and Dauis are pretty much done now..Lots of 5" water pipe going in now.. Construction going on everywhere in anticipation. Cant hire a tradesman anywhere locally..All busy!
Land prices getting steeper and steeper as the project gets closer.

Seems the main causeway bridge cannot handle the weight of heavy equipment so how can they start the airport project?
A proposed beach landing site is now being questioned and stopped by one of our local Barangays and local residents!
Onli in di Pilipins eh!!

30 months to build an airport. :o
Sure hope they let them build the new sea port, to off load the equipement and materials.
If not they will turn all the new roads into crap if they haul everything from the Tagbilaran port. >:(

The planes won't use the roads so its ok. lol


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