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FYI .. My move from Angeles to Bacolod .. Shipping everything


Flt Simulation:
This is just a FYI for anyone thinking about moving everything you own from one end of the Philippines to the other ...

Let me start off by saying ... From what I have been told, 99% of your average Filippinos hardly ever move very far away from where they grew up. And when they do move to a different city or village, they don\'t move large appliances, heavy furniture, cars, etc from one end of the Philippines to the other end like you might see your average American family in Suburbia, USA do when moving from lets say Chicago to Phoenix. Moving is so common in the US that the moving vans can be seen all the time in sububan neigborhoods and of course, all the time on the highways of the US.

From what I have seen here, moving household furniture here in the PI from one place to the next is done by strapping it on top of a Jeepney and heading down the road!

So, now we get back to the reality of the Philippines ... \"Toto, were not in Kansas anymore\"  :D

So, how do you ship a Toyota Camry, a Harley motorcycle, a big refrigerator, an American style washer and dryer, an American size gas stove/range, and all your furniture (to include 2 queen size bedroom sets) from Angeles City, Luzon all the way down to Bacolod, Negros Island?

Well, in this case, it\'s got to go by ship ... Negros Island is surrounded by water. And if it goes by ship, everything (except the car) needs to be put in a container. In my case, I need a 20\' container.

Luckely enough, there is an office close by me that deals with shipments (and sells tickets) on both Negros Navigation and SuperFerry boats. Both these companies have very large boats that go directly from the Port of Manila to the Port of Bacolod. You also travel on the same boat that your car and your container is on.

The gentleman that manages this office is very knowledgable and came out to my house to see everything that I wanted to ship. He told me that a 10\' container would be too small, but a 20\' comtainer would work fine and that I could also put the Harley in it (saves me the trouble of driving both the car and the Harley down to the Port of Manila).

The cost is kinda expensive. 78,000 pesos ($1,920) for \"door to door\" service on the 20\' container (this cost also includes loading and unloading the container), the shipment of the car, and a \"Stateroom\" ticket for 2 ... all on the same SuperFerry. Additionally, the manager of the office that I mentioned above will also go down to the port with me to insure everything gets loaded ok, and that I don\'t get charged any \'additional\' fees at the dock.

The truck with the empty 20\' container won\'t come to my house for another 10 days, so I can\'t tell you how it all went yet, but I thought I would share with you what I now know about shipping everything you own from one part of the PI way down to another island.

Maybe someone else here may be contemplating a move within the PI ... Hopefully, some of this info may be of help.

This is good to know for the future as I\'m currently shipping a 20\' container to Bohol from California but will eventually (in true US style) want to ship everything to Bukidnon. I assume a similar drill in getting a container sent from Tagbilaran to Cagayan de Oro.

Thanks for sharing your experience and good luck in Bacolod!


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