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Gray Wolf:
After you arrive in the Philippines, you may need to fly to another part of the islands.  Check here for prices on flights in country.

Manila Cockney:
Asian Spirit is not the best of the domestic airlines, but for now a good one to use for Boracay, as it goes direct to Caticlan.

Personal favourite is Cebu Pacific which uses new planes and at times have very good promos.

From end of February they will be flying direct to Caticlan, which should bring the prices down. Air Philippines a subsidiary of PAL have also just started flying direct to Caticlan.

Another domestic airline is SEAIR


Gray Wolf:
Thank you, Manila Cockney! 

If anyone else has a good link for a favorite domestic airline, please feel free to share with us all.




This is what you can expect - boarding at Tagbilaran Airport (Bohol) - Flight to Manila

Sorry I can\'t remember the plane type but the signage inside was in Japanese and English so I guessed it was on Japanese origin - 

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Funny, I took almost the same pict at the same spot at Tagbilaran \"airport\" more than 5 years ago. Waiting for one of my scamming penpals to arrive from Manila.
The planes are turbo-props, I think Fokker Friendships of Dutch origin.
They are loud and slow (at the bar in Alona Beach, we called them \"Asian Tricycles\" for fun) and above all: expensive! (I mean, to fly with!) A one-way ticket from CDO to Cebu used to cost around 2,300 pesos.
With Cebu Pacific flying that route now, too, everything will most likely get to be a lot cheaper.


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