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Getting from Butuan Airport to Surigao Port heading to Dinagat Province (Loreto)


Hey all,

I will be arriving in Butuan in early May one bright Monday morning.  I have to get to Surigao port to catch a boat to Surigao Del Norte.  Now the wife can tell me all the ways for her to get home except in this instance.  She has never made that leg of the journey or been to that area either is my understanding.

We arrive on PAL early in the AM.  And as I understand the boat leaves dock around noonish.

What are my best options for us with 4 big ass suit cases and 2 pieces of carry on luggage?

Do I just take a bus and it is a non issue and also least cost.

Do I have her brother come down from Surigao where he goes to college and meet us there as it makes the numbers at better odds while traveling.

Or just catch a cab and enjoy the ride?  Or better to price a multi-cab for the ride due to luggage?

I know there are list members living in that area - hope they are out here too (Marty & Cath).

Anyone have a reliable friend who provides trusted and fare transportation services for a fee?  A recommendation is always better than on the fly is my experience for a longer than average ride in the PI.

What are my anticipated costs from Butuan airport to Surigao port?

When Glo & I arrived at Nasipit (Butuan\'s port) it was late in the day 5PM. Glo\'s brother Anecito had arranged a taxi for us (and met us at the port with some family members). I forget the cost but didn\'t seem unreasonable probably under P1000.

We were going to Gingoog (4 hours the other way).

If we\'d arrived early in the day we\'d have taken an aircon bus (P130 each I think), there\'s also non-aircon buses which aren\'t too bad + a little cheaper. Air-con is non smoking. We took the air-con bus back from Gingoog.

Surigao is 4 hours north of Butuan, probably stop for CR break halfway in bus..

Can\'t help past Surigao with ferry schedules tho\'   

I have travel from the airport in Butuan City to San Jose in the Dinagat Islands this past November. I would suggest you take a private van (taxis are hard to find in Butuan City) to the bus terminal in Butuan City for a charge of about 100p per person. Or email me privately: for the cell number of lady friends\' brother, who can drives a tricyle there but has a friend with small jeepnay for rent, I think I paid about 600pesos for the me and gf and my 3suitcases. That ride from the airport to the bus teminal will take about 15 to 20 minutes. The cost for a bus ride on aircon is about 170 to 185p per person they charge a little bit different every time cause its an american, I just give the extra money and smile, and then some one like a porter will put your bag under the bus like the Greyhound/Trailways Bus do here in the states they will ask you for about 20p for \'labor charge\' The trip from Butuan Bus Terminal will take about 3 hours and the buses do run very regularly, about every 90 minutes. Just ask to get off at the \"Pier\" in Surigao. I would suggest you spend the night in Surigao, there are several modestly price hotels within 5minutes from the pier ( 700 - 1000pesos per night two people) and then just catch the correct boat to your island in the morning, since the smaller boats(they hold  about 25 people plus supplies, rice, chickens water and your ) usually only make one trip per day in each direction. And if you contract me I think I still have the email address of a femaleteacher that lives in Suriago that would be happy to help you get on your boat,and would  probably be very happy if you and your gf would just buy her breakfast a Jollibees. My boat ride to San Jose Island on one of these smaller boats coast me 250pesos and the ride was 2hours. Okay I hope this helps you, I live in North Carolina and my cell is 919-798-4240 Have a nice trip!   Joseph A

Thank you Joe for the great info.  It is just what I needed.

I will email you for the cell number and exchange phone numbers with you as well.  This will be my wife\'s first trip home since our marriage 3 years ago here stateside.  As you can imagine she and I are very excited.  This will be my first trip to her home in Dinagat (Loreto).  On my last visit all came to me in Cebu.  On this trip it is my turn to go to them in their home.  She has been rebuilding the family house for 2 years now and it is time to go and take a good look. 

We touch down in Butuan from Manila early AM on Sunday May 4.  The wife thinks we can make bus and still catch a boat on same day.  She is now used to American time!!   ;D  But then again I don\'t trust her timing since she has lived so close to Butuan but then again never ventured into the area.  Will just go with the flow and see what happens.  This way we can meet her brother in Surigao and not have him come down to meet us at the airport.


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