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Any diehard fans still using XP and or Vista?

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Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
I have an old HP desktop with Windows Vista, but from what I've read here it's no longer safe, but there are still alternatives.

Itís a little confusing, so hereís the lowdown for Windows XP and Vista users for what browsers are, and arenít, supported: go to the link to read more.

Ever since reading this article, I have been getting weird glitches on my old HP desktop with a Vista OS and Google Chrome as my default web browser along with slimjet, firefox and IE9 as my backup browsers, but my slimjet (chrome based) browser is still the fastest of them all without too many issues.
Has anyone upgraded from an XP or Vista OS to Windows 10 from an old 32 bit desktop?
Maybe it's time to checkout and install Abuntu as my OS replacement for my old HP 32 bit desktop with Windows Vista. Shame to see it go from this old die hard fan of Windows Vista.  ::) ??? :o ;)

Art, I am surprised that there ARE any Vista fans. Vista was the biggest failure of Microsoft, EVER. That is not just my opinion, (I never had Vista more than 2 days) but the general opinion in the computer world.
Windows XP has always been very stable from it's release but no longer supported by Microsoft. Mind you, XP was released in 2002, 14 years ago! XP has always been considered the best O.S. of Windows.
XP was followed by Vista but never gained any popularity. Then came Windows7, also considered a very good, stable and popular O.S. Then we saw another failure: Windows 8, hated by many, never gained any popularity.
I had it installed, looked at it for 3-4 days and wiped it of my system.
Now we have Windows 10, IMHO the best OS so far from Microsoft. It is very stable, low on resources, fast and I think very easy on the eye. I've had it installed now on several computers, even old netbooks too slow for XP but fine with W10 on only 2gb RAM.
Booting from hibernation in 25 seconds! Windows 10 doesn't entirely shut down by default, but leaves a small amount of data in memory. 
Remember, old systems like XP are no longer supported and will be vulnerable to attacks. I am not sure if Vista is still supported but I will be surprised if it is.

For me, there is NO WAY back. Windows 10 is the way to go. You will find it a lot faster on your old HP machine.

Hi Art. I have two old desktops still around running XP. Do not use them much, just have ton of old archived material on them. I use a big and heavy (about 14 lbs) laptop (Toshiba Satellite P875) as my "desktop"... running Windows 10.

I loved XP, stopped using it only because of lack of support. However, now that I am used to W10, I would never go back to XP.  If your HP has the capacity for W10, I would go that route.

Your friend, Tom.

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
Good to see you back on here Tom! It's been a while.
Yeah, ever since using Vista for some time now on my desktop since day one, I've never had any issues. I haven't checked yet to see if my desktop with Vista will upgrade to Windows 10.
We do have Windows 10 on our 2 newer laptops, but seldom use them, but just to turn them on, charge their batteries and do updates.

A person with Vista would have to pay for 10, so since a lot of people are still using xp in the business world (I was in Staples the other day and they are still using XP) as well as all over the Philippines, I would continue using vista but never to check into anything important such as a bank or credit card, IMO it is fine to continue using on forums and for reading whatever is online but I would be sure to also have a virus program, just in case.

I am happy with 7 and will stay with it as long as I can.


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