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Does anyone know someone who fixes laptop internals? My laptop wont turn on.

I see by your other post that you are in Manila, knowing that may help members recommend someone for you, thus I have now added that with my post but you might wish to write where in Manila you are.

My recommendation would be to look up a factory repair center, so if your laptop is say an HP, then look up HP factory repair, etc.

As for your laptop, first thing would be to take the battery out and plug in the laptop to power without a battery in it and see if it starts that way, a totally dead battery had prevented one of my laptops from starting in the past and I know of other people this method had worked for too, if not, then hopefully someone on here can recommend a shop local to you once you tell us where local to you is and what brand laptop you are using.

I'm with Lee... watch out I let these small computer shops go at my HP laptop and now it's just a huge $900 paper weight, I'll never buy another tablet or laptop again, I went back to desktops real easy to fix and upgrade.


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