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Son of a beach


John Amend-All:
Here are a few pics of a couple of seaside resorts along the north coast of Luzon, Claveria in Cagayan province and Pagudpud in Ilocos Norte.
Worth checking out if you are sated with Boracay or live in central/north Luzon.

The first 3 are Pagudpud, recently well-developed with hotels and plenty of Home-Stays, which are probably very cheap. Final 2 are Claveria where we went a couple of years ago, rather less developed.

Beauty and the...

Sunset, a photo cliche. Looks good though. Most hotels are near enough on the beach and there is not a lot else there, so the starry sky is spectacular.

Go on, send it home, make \'em jealous.

Claveria fish market. Some species were more exotic than this. Beautifully coloured angel fish, shame to eat them.

Fishing bancas on the beach


Nice photo\'s. It brings back memories of a 1 week vacation I took in Vigan a few years back. It was wonderful seeing that rocky Northwest coastline and the spanish architecture in Vigan. Surprisingly, they also have one of the whitest beache I have see...and boy, that was one hot run to the water...ouch... 8)


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