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John Amend-All:
My nephew married an Ifugao lady. They are the hill tribe people who hail from Mountain province in central North Luzon. We visited Kiangan, their spiritual centre, where the couple live. It is also the place where General Yamashita surrendered the Japanese forces in Philippines at the end of World War II.

Their children. Juval is holding baby brother who was born 4 weeks prematurely. Says a lot that the local hospital kept him thriving in what must be pretty rudimentary facilities.

Kiangan Cathedral. 19th century, Belgian architect.

Ifugao broken seat. Has spiritual significance for them.

Lalaine in traditional dress on the day the president visited. The men\'s traditional garb is ... cheekier.

Nephew Eric at the war memorial. Behind him is the bronze sculpture depicting the war.

View from the top of the war memorial.

Eric\'s wife, Lalaine is a highly educated woman with more degrees than I have stomachs. A couple of things I noticed about the Ifugao; they are happy to tuck into vegetables with their meals and their command of English is generally superior to lowland Filipinos. They tend to converse in English rather than Tagalog among themselves and I was told they were evangelised by American Protestants rather than Spanish Catholics, which may explain it.



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