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Vigan in Ilocos Sur


John Amend-All:
Specially for Graywolf!

Vigan is considered the Philippine town with the best preserved Spanish architecture and is a world heritage site. We went a couple of weeks ago with some of Norma\'s aunties who had gone to US (Connecticut and Seattle) as young women. They bring their families back every couple of years and go to Ilocos where their husbands
families are.

Potter making the famous Vigan Jars

Bell tower appearing in various film scenes says asawa.

Queen of England awaiting the honour guard. Actually the ride is 150 pesos and you get quite a long trip. Poor horsey goes right through the traffic congested main centre.

Street in the old town. You can get antiques and souvenirs here.

Aunt Lette in The Hidden Garden. Recommended (the garden). A cool oasis of bamboo trees and lots of bromeliads and orchids and a good refreshment place.

Auntie Auring\'s beachside kubo in Santiago, Ilocos Sur. When they come over from US they make straight for here.

Best wishes


Gray Wolf:
 Great photos!  Graywolf and Empress Gloria say Maraming Salamat Po!


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