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Abusive e-mail help

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Read this from Wikipedia:

If it was you are talking about, check the external links at the bottom for providers.

Mail unknown seems to offer what you need:

I use a program called Mailwasher. It lets me view all incoming emails before they are downloaded from the server. Known spam is already marked for deletion but you can reverse that if you want. You can also delete stuff you know you don\'t want to read, like the notice about the morning tea for Beryl of Accounts who\'s retiring next week. And if you choose to bounce an email the sender will get an \'address unknown\' response and the isp will be blacklisted.

Brad, if you use a process of deduction here. Create an email address at, use it and send emails to your friends the ones you suspect of giving out your other address, if you get an email from this guy, you have narrowed down the who to the list of friends, if you receive no email at that address, continue to use it just for your groups of friends. Can you send me the header from the emails, maybe I can look into it, its something I am good at. My email link is on this page. What email client are you using, most have the ability to download headers only such as subject and sender.


As soon as I get my outgoing smpt set I think I will be in business. I have a header to send you. Regards

I was preparing to buy software to stop this abusive mail. It seems that with your help, my problems may well be over. I appreciate very much your help and friendship. Isn\'t it ironic that I meet you by this person stealing my email address (one I don\'t use now) and sending a filthy email to Gray Wolf. It is my pleasure to know you and Jack and be part of this Forum.
Kind regards to all


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