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dylanaz, really really thank u for that information , yes well I will search for that... coz u know I feel and really believe when someone is singing the bad vibration or energy on body come out then also stress, makes u feel better... singing is really really helpful....

I always use tea and honey when I lose my voice and at night before bed I add some Scotch to it to help and I usually wake up in the morning my old self, now if I could just figure how to wake up my young self and I would be a genius.  :D

My wife Eda is a teacher and her voice hurts after teaching also. She drinks hot ginger tea and this relieves her.


nice r. lee and eorosick  I will try that Advice.... I want to0 have solution bout  thisssss... God bless for ur  goodness guys

 Back when i was in elementary school i started to play cricket. ( I am originaly from the west indies, that is in the caribbean, island of Jamaica). Cricket was my first love. Back then all my friends played. Would play almost every day. I was a bowler. During the same time i would also do some spear fishing and that was how i became a good swimmer. In my mid teen we moved to the city where i went to a trade school. Learning the electrical trade. I started out rewinding electric motors and armatures, transformers and basicaly anything which could be rewound or repair.  On the weekends and sometimes early mornings a couple friends and i would go to the sea and swim. There was an annual cross the harbour race which we train for and competed in. This race had like a hundred swimmer and was a distance of two miles. My placing was twenth. One day my friend remarked to me that i have strong looking legs so he think i should take up cycling. As i had always love cycling i thought to myself why not. At that time there was a weekly bicycle racing at the stadieum on the velodrome so that was when i started cycling at the age of 19 yrs. old. Back then my country Jamaica was the host of the 1966 british empire and commonwealth games.
I was selected to represent my country in the 10 miles race which i finished in 7th. place. No medal as there was only gold , silver and bronze. The next day was also a 120 miles road race which i raced in but unfortunately at about the 20 mile mark i ran off the road fell and broke my wrist, had to abandon the race.
So in 1968 i decided to migrate to the U.S.A. I went to New York. First i work in two small electrical shops doing repairs on different electrical appliances, rewinding electric motors and just about fixing anything. I soon realize that this is not where i want to work for the rest of my life so i went to a employment agency and bought a job with Westinghouse elevator co. Actually i paid the employment agency to locate the job for me. I paid $400.00 for the job only later to find out that the company was the one that paid the agency to locate workers, I was scammed by the agency
At Westinghouse my job was working in the wharehouse storing and handling elevator equiptment and parts. Alot of the elevator equiptment were electrical components, like coils , switches, and electric motors etc. Which i was very familiar with.

After getting to know most of the elevator mechanics and talking to them i realize that would be a good field to get into. This was a very hard job to get as it was unionize and almost all of the workers was related, father son, inlaws and so on. The pay scale was very high as this was considered a highly skill job plus a dangerous line of work.
To make a long story short after 4 yrs. of working in the wharehouse i finally got in the union and got a a job in the field  starting as a trainee or apprentice.
This was really hard work as i started in the elevator construction dept. working on high rise buildings. What makes it even harder was that in the winter i had to work in sub freezing weather. sometimes as low as 6 deg fah. with the wind blowing this even  lower the temp. even more.
It took me seven years to reach the status of journey man but then i started to make real good money and i became one of the top mechanic with the co.
After about 15 yrs. in the construction  dept. i got a transfer to the maintenance dept. where the work was much more leisurly but i had to use my knowledge more as i was the trouble shooter. The guy who they call when the regular mech. cannot fix a problem. Well of course by this time i was getting  12% above the regular pay scale because of my talent.
I work in this dept for another 15 yrs. During all this time i still find the time to do my cycling. Mostly train in the evenings after work when i could and race on weekends. I was devorced in  yr. 2000.  but was seperated for two yrs. before that.
I met Aileen in 2001 when i first came to Manila. We got married the same year. I worked untill the year 2006 then there was a 5 months strike by the union. By then our daughter Savannah was two yrs. old.  After 30 yrs. of hard labour i decided to retire and moved to Florida. As our daughter was getting older and i really wanted to spend some quality time with her and watch her grow and with Aileen\'s urging i finally retired. Best thing i ever did as i could feel myself getting older and older by the day.
After living in florida and visiting here i finally decide to move here full time. Only thing is we have this big house  in Fl. which we can\'t sell and had to rent out fully furnished for a  small amount. For us this is okay and i can do my cycling here everyday if i want. Much more relaxing here for us.
That is my story. hope not too boring.



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