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Places in the mountains,near Baguio?

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The wife and I live just outside San Fernando LU.Been here 5 yrs,and the continual heat/humidity is really wearing on me.I really like the climate in Baguio,but the overcrowding-pollution-water issues make moving there a negative.I was thinking maybe there are smaller little towns outside the city?I was considering having a look at Sagada (it's even cooler there) or maybe even Bontoc,but the family says that the NPA is till active in the area.Anybody know if this is still the case,or have a recommendation for a reasonable place to look at?I know the wife would prefer to stay within the "family area",like most other Filipinas.

Living in the smaller communities present their own problems tho I guess..with blaring videoke and noisy livestock tethered to every blade of grass...maybe I would be better off in the city,but my breathing suffers in the high pollution.Plus,I'd like to have a little garden cause all I seem to be able to grow here is impatient.

I dunno.I have come to the point that I don't hardly even want to leave the house anymore,and that is NOT  a good thing.

Any ideas?

Gray Wolf:
Maybe La Trinidad valley just north of Baguio?  There are lots of small towns along the roads leading to and from Baguio, but I don't know whether they have the infrastructure you would desire.

Granted, it's hot and humid most of the year all around the Philippines, but I found the coastline of La Union and the Ilocos regions to be cooler, much fresher, less polluted and certainly more pleasant than Manila.  What kind of temperatures are you looking for?

My family and other sources advise me that the Cordillera Mountains are still a stronghold of the NPA, where they take refuge from prying eyes.

I'd like to take refuge from prying eyes myself.. :D

The problem with La Trinidad is the proximity to Baguio.I would have to find a place a good deal further from Baguio,cause at the rate it is growing it would overtake me in just a couple of years.The climate in Baguio is just about right for me.Still gets warm during the day in summer time,but with the lower humidity it isn't as uncomfortable...and the evenings are really nice.I have a Filipino acquaintance that told me about a planned community going up outside Baguio that might be attractive.I have never been one to think that I should "insulate" myself from the local population (ie move to a "foreigner subdivision") but that may actually give me a small measure of peace and allow me to continue to interact.I will admit that I am struggling a bit.I really thought that after 5 years I would adjust,but it seems it will take me longer still.

We have a nice little place here in La Union.It just gets really uncomfortable for me later in the year.

I guess we should just schedule a day or 2 and go up to the mountains and look around.I have also heard that the NPA is active,just thought that maybe it was old information...rats.

Gray Wolf:
The problem is you can get into the *boonies within 5-10 minutes from the city proper of Baguio.  Little or no infrastructure is common and home sites are all hillsides prone to landslides. 

I did find these ads on Sulit showing home developments in Baguio.  How far "in", I don't know.  I just this moment found this for you.  At least it shows there is some development going on.  The down side is, this is the only development I found.   :(

Good luck in your search!  I hope you find that piece of paradise you long for and deserve!   :) :)

I know what you mean by little to no infrastructure.There certainly are benefits to living in the city,the likelihood that someone would come along and start a piggery next door is remote. ;D We have a niece that knows Her way around Baguio.At some point we may have her go with us and look around up there.

We may have a look at that subdivision that I mentioned earlier...we shall see.


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