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Laoag City (Ilocos Norte) Apartments

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I'm apartment hunting right now so I might as well share the cost of the apartments I've been checking out. Laoag Centro (which means 'within the city' which is pretty small you can walk around it) is just as expensive as Manila rentals including cost of land. but if you move out a couple of minutes away you can find cheaper land and apartments. tricycles are the quickest means of transport here but we also still have kalesas (horse drawn carriages).

anyway a 2bdrm 1t&b (unfurnished w/o hot shower) would cost from around P6,000-P7,500/month. usually 2months cash out for the deposit & advance.

there aren't that many apartments available so you can't find most of the cheaper ones online as those get rented in weeks. if you're looking to invest then apartment rentals is the way to go here. you won't get rich but you will have a constant source of income.

the apartment shown is one of the priciest here for P10,000/month unfurnished.

Thanks for posting this info, I was curious about the cost of renting an apt in Laoag as that's one of the places I'm
interested in down the road when/if I make the move to the Philippines so now I have a rough idea. 

There are all types of online sites listing real estate, put in the info you seek and you should get an idea of online prices, my experience has been that feet on the ground prices will most often be lower for equivalent places but the online sites are a point of reference to make searching easier. Here is one of them but doing a google search for house or apartment or condo for rent and the town brings up quite a few others.

thanks Lee,
  I have been looking online as well and have heard that online prices tend to be higher but like ypu said it gives
me a point of reference. thanks for the link as well. I also agree that it's better to look with feet on the ground
and will enlist a friend who lives in the Philippines when i become serious about finding a place there. For now
I'm just looking around which is kinda fun actually but at the same time makes me wish i were already there.
oh well, my time will come soon enough I think.   

The only way to find apartments or houses is to drive around and inquire. I was just lucky in finding this house by word of mouth for 6000PHP per month. Tiled floors and walls and very spacious. I cannot understand spending so much (with all the accompanying stress) on building when rental here is the cheapest in the world.


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