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  Hello All !   My wife and 2 daughters are going to see Grandma in Cebu City next month.  I wish I could go but work is keeping me home this year.  I am searching for a good clean hotel for them for a couple of months.( preferably under 1000.00 US per month) Any recommendations?

You ought to think about finding a condo unit to rent out if you want for a month.  I don't know of any hotels there as I don't live there but I am sure it is all basically the same in the bigger cities. Maybe a little less in Cebu City vs Metro Manila but not much.  After my first vacation here in hotels, I started renting a condo on trips.  Real nice places were around 180 to 200 USD a week.

Hello Marty, welcome to the forum. I will recommend a few for you to look into. If you call or contact places, be sure to ask for the monthly or weekly rates, that usually gets you the lower rate than the advertised rates. this one is a fairly new hotel near Osmena Blvd but in the side streets, nice clean place that our friends  have stayed in since it is close to where we live, one friend is there now. This one is even newer, they have bungalow type rooms but may be more than you wish to spend. This one is right on Gorordo Ave within about 5 blocks of Ayala and they have condos they rent out as well as rooms in the hotel, so they usually have monthly rate promos which would hopefully keep you below what you wish to spend.

Hopefully others will recommend others.

A few years ago as we were getting ready to come back to the US we stayed at a place called Days Hotel I don't rember the price but it was clean there is a restraunt out the front door and a few more not more then 10 min. walk
I can't recall the exact address but I rember it is on the main road coming into the airport and not more then 10 min by car to the airport.
It might be a good place to stay for a few days but there is no pool and not much for the kids to do. It might be a good starting point after you get to Cebu

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
Is this it or at least one of them? Days Inn Hotel Cebu


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