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Lost In Samoa has passed

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Gray Wolf:
So far I learned only that his passing was sudden. Gloria will try to contact Estrella tonight to express her condolences and see if she can learn more about what happened.

I know Mark rubbed some of you the wrong way. Hell, so do I. But he was a remarkably intelligent man. He built a unique home and had just begun to realize their self-sustaining lifestyle off grid. It will be difficult for Estrella to maintain their home and farm in the same manner.

I had planned to visit with them just before the Hunan virus was released on the world. We cut our visit short and returned to the US and have not been able to return yet. He and I exchanged many PMs over the years and he seemed to be a very good man who loved his wife and family dearly. He offered to put us up at his place and promised me a delicious rabbit dinner when we arrived for our visit. I was intrigued by his solar panel layout and hoped to learn more from him while onsite.

Some of you disagreed with Mark about many subjects. Put that aside and pray for his wife and daughter. Life is too short to hold grudges.

Godspeed brother


--- Quote from: Steve & Myrlita on April 22, 2022, 11:17:13 AM ---Wow, I'm so sorry to hear this. Only 58. You never know when your number is up. Jack, if you can find out how he died, it would be appreciated. Specifically, if he got the death jab. RIP Mark.

--- End quote ---
Hi Steve,

I kinda of wonder the same thing....but LIS was really against the jab....he elaborated on that very much just a few months ago..

RIP Lost in Samao, he was young, very sad.

Sorry to hear about LIS! I had a few interesting chats with him and he was quite a very unique individual to say the least but I guess we can say that about one another.  I never knew the lad because I'm in the U.S. and plan to stay put.  Considered moving back to the P.I. but I met a wonderful filipina here in the U.S. who has no urge to move back home.  R.I.P. Mark as I am just now learning your real name other than LIS.  You are in a much better place I'm sure and I pray that your wife is safe and in Gods arms.  God Bless both of you!!

Gray Wolf:

--- Quote from: MotorSarge on April 23, 2022, 04:12:06 AM ---Hi Steve,

I kinda of wonder the same thing....but LIS was really against the jab....he elaborated on that very much just a few months ago..

--- End quote ---

Mark was vehemently opposed to the vaccine. So I would think that he was not vaccinated. We have not attempted to contact his wife as she is still in mourning. But I did see another photo on a pamangkin's Facebook page showing him in the Dagupan ICU (see attached) with a prayer that his brain be healed.
I'm thinking that since this was a sudden occurrence, it sounds as though he suffered a stroke. I do know he was a cigarette smoker and believe he also had Type 2 Diabetes. Two things that work against a healthy life.


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