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Bohol nighttime


We will have four nights in Linaw Beach Resort, Bohol.
I guess all daytime will be fully loaded with tourpackages, but what can we do at night time?
We are two adults and a girl aged 13.
We will be greatful for all hints and tips for activities and restaurants in Tagbilaran, and Bohol and Panglao in general.

damn.theres a great Chinese restaurant and i cant think of the name of it!
pm me if you like and ill show you around!

Thanks for the offer, maybe we will  :)
Are you currently living in Bohol?

Sorry for the delay with reply..Yes ..We we live on Panglao island..Unfortunately I am leaving for Manila for a couple of months end of March so I wont be around but as i said in the in the PM..Pop into Dings bar or a little bit further along the same road is the sports bar and ask for Mike..Really good guy and a gold mine of information in regards Bohol in general..

Regards Fred..


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