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A list of places I have stayed in and my comment on the experience.
Makati Shangri-La:  What you\'d expect for a 5 star but we found the staff, particularly in the lobby lounge to a bit snooty, bordering on rude. Haven\'t been back there for a couple of years.
The Peninsula: Great up until our recent one night stay. Given a standard queen bed room when we\'d booked exec King bed. Reception insisted it was a King bed and wouldn\'t move us. Won\'t go there again.
Intercontinental: Always a pleasure to stay here. The only negative comment I have is the slow service in the pool area.
The Dusit: Pretty good, though it could do with some renovation. The fresh brewed San Mig ( micro brewery on site ) makes it well worth a visit.
The Sofitel Philippine Plaza: I really liked this place. Nice pool and garden area. Excellent dinner buffet ( though pricey ). We had a great view of the fireworks at MOA from our balcony. Only drawback is getting a taxi out can take a while sometimes. I would definately stay there again though.
The Hyatt Casino: I stayed here recently while I was getting a US visa as it\'s not too far from the Embassy. Service in the club lounge is very poor ( staff texting instead of serving ). I\'d only stay here again if I actually needed to be in the area.
Pan Pacific: The hotel is excellent and I have no negative comment about it. But, last time we stayed in the Malate area, we couldn\'t walk 30 yard without being hassled by beggars. Haven\'t been back since.
The Heritage: It\'s been a while, but I recall thinking that it was a bit overpriced and in need of renovation. Location is ok though.
Century Park: Again I thought a bit overpriced, though the complementary half bottle of Tanduay in the room is a nice touch. Rooms ok. Overall location is ok, but the immediate surrounding area is not so nice. The \'Top of the Century\' lounge bar is nice for a couple of cocktails in the evening.
The Traders: Again it\'s been a while. Not a bad experience, but I wouldn\'t stay there unless I needed to be in the area.
La Corona Ermita: Affectionate memories as it\'s the first hotel I ever stayed in on my first visit to the Philippines. In my opinion, good value, good staff. Recommend it if you want to be in the Ermita/malate area.

Good List...thanks. Personally, I stay at the Mabuhay Manor, which is just off Edsa. They had or still have free airport pick up, 5 different style of rooms, a great pool, pretty good food, and the rooms start around 2,200p a night. It on the backroad behind the Copacobanna, and just down from Kenny Rodgers Roaster and Red Ribbon... 8)

Can anyone suggest a hotel close to Saint Lukes (prefer walking distance) and one close to the US Embassy in Manila?



--- Quote from: Robm on February 14, 2008, 11:00:36 PM ---Can anyone suggest a hotel close to Saint Lukes (prefer walking distance) and one close to the US Embassy in Manila?


--- End quote ---

There are a number of good hotels in the vicinity.  Try  Las Palmas, City Garden Suites, Lotus Garden, Cherry Blossoms and Executive Plaza.  These are clean and crisp and are about equal distant from the US Embassy and St. Luke\'s.  My wife and I like the Executive Plaza.  Two to avoid are the Bayview and Swagman, overpriced and filthy. 

EXCELLENT hotel lists!  Thank you!!!
Any further recommendations [and also NEGATIVE recommendations]  for the
Makati & Central Manila areas, mid-range price [US$90 - US$160  ??] would be
greatly appreciated!
Roger in Pine Valley


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