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Gray Wolf:
I have downloaded some new themes for anyone interested in changing the look of their pages.  To check out one of these new themes for yourself, go to "Profile" and then click "Modify Profile" then "Look and Layout".

At the top of the page you should see "Current Theme" and next to it a button marked (change).   Click on that button and you''ll be taken to a page with several selections, including the new ones, Actualism,  Adk Cool Black,  Adk Portal,  and Balanced.  You can check them out before changing your look by selecting "Preview Theme".

As I find more that look good, I'll add them to the list.   

Gray Wolf:
Just uploaded a new theme you may want to check out if you like simple black and white. 
It's called "Minimalist And Effective".     :)

Gray Wolf:
An update on this old topic for the benefit of our newer members.  The choices for your forum themes are as follows:

Forum Default "Curve"



"ADK Cool Black"


"Minimalist and Effective"

Click "Profile", then "Modify Profile", then "Look and Layout".  Select a theme from the list and then click "Change Profile" at the bottom of the page. 

If you don't like the new profile, change it again until you find one that fits your likes.


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