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Gray Wolf:
To our members:

Topics often get sidetracked, usually unintentionally, and occasionally the Mods or I will need to move a post to another Topic or Board in order to maintain the proper flow of information.  This should not be taken as a negative in any way.  We simply want to make the forum as easy to use as possible. 

Also, if any member feels a post is off topic or inappropriate, instead of replying to the post and getting into an argument with the other member, please use the "Report to Moderator" icon and tell the Mod Team why you feel the post is off topic or inappropriate.  This will allow us to deal with the post instead of our members bickering among themselves.  We are trying to keep this a friendly forum.

Our Mods are located in different parts of the planet and often are not online at the same time.  By using the Report to Moderator icon attention will be received more quickly.

Thank you!   :)   


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