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Humanity First ??????

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In our area the Yolanda aid just keeps coming in

Here are pictures of 200 Homes now being built with out water, toilets or cooking facilities. I can not understand how any one would approve this project OTP

And they're nipa huts???

Yes just 3 meters squared, slated wood floor with woven mat for walls, tin roof

The main supports are 4 inch PVC with 2 rebar in it filled with cement Built on a 30% slope which is mostly solid rock no water no bathroom and no cooking area already falling apart in just 3 months

No one seems to know anything about, tried to call the Canadian company they do not answer the phone

Talk is now 200 Units  next to one of the nicest beaches in the province

Feel sorry for the people that will be forced to live in them looks to become a slum

Heck, if it lasts long enough to become a slum...

This makes me very angry and kudos to you for trying to contact the company.

Now want to know if this is what the original company intended or what the middle man gave....

Why did Canada not send an engineer to oversee? This is what happens when you leave it to corrupt officials.


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