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Nola hit Catarman

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Nola did a duzzy to Catarman.  When it was coming to landfall, the meteorologists were saying it was a Cat 2 and would weaken and go north or south of Catarman.  12 hours later, it strengthened to a Cat 3, and the eye hit Catarman straight on and hardly a person was prepared.  Destruction everywhere.

The photos I am going to share are only of the 3-4 blocks near where I live in Catarman.  This storm did some serious damage.  Every wood/bamboo structure that was on the edge of town was torn apart.  Not just knocked down.  I mean pieces of the houses strewn across the rice fields behind them.  Squatter areas a few blocks south of us where Tina has family had complete sections just ripped away.  Friends and relatives in another part of town are now living with other people as their home(some of them block, poorly made probably, but still block build) was destroyed.  Many of the people with block wall buildings that were built well, still loss parts or all of their roofs. 

We came out fine.  Our roof intact, block wall structure as good now as it was before the storm.  But the electrical system took a work out and the few things that I didn't have on POD protection(this laptop I'm using being one of them) went out.  So needed time for repairs. 

The family's house on the other hand had one wall that was not block form built.  The front wall on the upper level.  And that was torn away.  Rain just poured in and it was crazy.  After sitting and watching about 4 people trying to "mop up" the excess water that was pouring through the gap where the upper level floor and the front upper level exterior wall met and just pooling on the floor I finally went and grabbed every wash tub, catering bucket/bin and set them up.  Then had them take the remaining water and just sweep/push it out the front door.  That made quick work and created a much more manageable system to take care of the water that was just pouring in.

The covered court, a place of safety for both Yolanda and Ruby storms had it's roof torn off and the floor covered in a few inches of water.  This was pretty crazy.

Good thing.  Tina and my new little man is unaware of any such storm.  He was in the main/family house in front of the lot.  He was in the back of it in the lower level and slept through the whole thing. 

I have more photos of the damage done to the legislative building and the covered court and more.  But the net here is VERY slow and taking about 15 minutes to upload photos.  So at a later date i will add more.


Glad you and the family are ok.


Leinster Lad:
Great to hear you are safe and well Joe.
Do you know if William Mitchell or Terry Taylor over in Mondragon made it thru Okay ?

I was concerned for you all and especially after not hearing from you for weeks, thus my private message, thank you for the reply and thank you for posting about what happened, I am just glad you and family are all okay and glad your home stood up to the storm but sorry for the destruction and damages of some family members homes.

Looks tough.  I'm glad you and your family are ok, Joel.


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