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Courthouse wedding or civil wedding in Manila

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I am going to assume you read the following on the Embassy site.  It used to state a few of the municipalities that did not accept the affidavit.


Thanks Chuck. Yes, I did read that site. They must have updated the website because I don't see a list of municipalities that don't accept that document.

I found the list on a visa website:
There were reports posted on the U.S. Embassy web site that three local civil registrars had refused to accept the Affidavit In Lieu of Certificate of Legal Capacity to Marry. The three registrars listed were Makati City, Quezon City, and Davao City. 

Maybe they should add Pasig to that list. And they were talking about the marriage license. I already have that. Just trying to get a mayor or judge to sign the license.
I found this on another blog in the comments section (she included her email but when I sent her a message, the email bounced):
Me and my husband just married last March 12, 2009, just a civil though here in Quezon City,Metro Manila.If your fiancee from QC, when u go to US embassy for ur certificate in lieu, be sure to ask the person giving it to write CERTIFICATE instead of AFFIDAVIT because QC City Hall doesnt accept "affidavit" anymore. I really dont understand why when actually the content is just the same and Im sure the person from US embassy knows what document should be given when an american asked for a cert. in lieu. We were supposed to be married by judge, but because of the "affidavit" thing, we had to be married by a Reverend, licensed and registered..i made sure he was. Be sure to make sure that every spelling are typed correctly because there were some errors in my husband's name so they had to re-type it. If you dont have enough time and need to go back to US, you can ask your fiancee to start the application for marriage license. That's what I did. My husband stayed here only for 21 days and we wanted to marry on his first week so while he was still in Las Vegas, I started calling the city registrar to ask for the requirements and the step-by-step process. If yoor situation is the same as ours, I would be willing to give you more info.

Steve & Myrlita:
Check here in Bacolod City.


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