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Author Topic: Need to know the best way to get my girlfriend or wife to the U.S  (Read 17572 times)


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Re: Need to know the best way to get my girlfriend or wife to the U.S
« Reply #15 on: February 18, 2018, 12:35:09 PM »
B-1/B-2 are classified under same setup.  One is for business, the other tourist.  Went through this already with Tina so we can go this summer.  Anyway, when you are applying, doing interview, they are both seen as same.  So the B-2 tourist visa is probably the easiest visa to get her. 
Then, just google "can I get married in the USA on a tourist/visitors visa".  There are a lot of sites you can go to.  Simply, the answer is yes.  And there is NO laws to stand in your way to do so.  That's it.  Now, where some issues will come in is if you are trying to change the visa you went there on(B-2) into an IR1/CR1 visa.  not an F1.  Was going from memory and was wrong on the type.  Anyway, there are sites to tell you what to do and not do.  Some simply state return to her country on current B-2 visa.  But either before you go start the paperwork for the IR1/CR1 visa or start it immediately after you return. 
But a good number of those sites tell you how you an even stay and get it most likely changed in the USA with no need to return.  But for those you need to obey the 30-60 rule and basically not marry nor ask for change in visa type inside those days.  The reasons are given on those sites for it.  Pretty common sense stuff. 
So anyway, this is what Tina and I are going through now and leaving in the summer for the USA to complete it.  Will tell you all how it turns out.

Did she get the Tourist Visa yet? See, I heard it is near impossible to get that. Even if you are rich. They had too many TNTs in the past and all that.

Tourists getting married is legal. But coming to America as a tourist with the intent to marry is illegal. Just like the Chinese birth tourism.  They finally cracked down on that loophole. So be careful.

Indeed. Let us know. Bureaucracy is always crazy.