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Lee2,  I hope I didn't raised your blood pressure to a dangerous level while reading my subject line. Lol. Going back to my previous post" What about me, part 2", you advised me of putting an ad in an online dating sites, so I did hehe. At first, I put no photo but put my real age, no reply at all! Ok, a couple of views. Then I mustered the courage to put a cute smiling photo, got more views but still no interests or mail. I was getting kinda embarrassed and irritated as it seems to me older women had no place in these sites! One 60 year old guy even wrote on his profile, over 30 years old, don't bother! Duh! Well, who can blame them guys when there's thousands of young, eager pretty girls to choose from! Lol. I was ready to vanish my profile when out of the blue, I got mail! I think he sounds like a nice Aussie guy. I like the smile and he grows and eat organic food! Here comes flirty Julie!

He wrote, he is planning to retire in the Philippines. He loves the beach. Oh oh( I live in the mountains). He said, he used to have a young Filipina GF for 6 years. Sent her for two college degrees( so she can provide for herself when he's gone, 2 kids in private school, 200K for annulment, 50-60 K pesos/ month allowance and a beach lot in her name hoping to build the dream house. Then couple months prior to coming "home", she dumped him. He said, he still can't get over with why she did that, he thought they had a good thing going. This guy have a pacemaker tho put in lately and I said, maybe she can't handle your health condition. No he said, not that, but anyway, no hard feelings, I did it for love. Wow!

So I invited him to come visit Baguio, be friends and see how it goes. He actually have friends here in Baguio City, the sister of his best friend in Australia whom he and his ex visited at one time. That is nice to know. I have a vacant unit, so I offered it to him. During the time he came to visit Baguio, he was already in the Philippines for 2 months, he mostly stayed on the beach areas in the south. He was so thin when he came I could see his bones lol! He doesn't look well. He said, he's not been eating well since he got to the Philippines. So I set to rescue a starving guy. I like to cook anyway...healthy nutritious meals. I eat out rarely. He liked it. But I wish, he contributed more than the 800 pesos he paid for the grocery bills during his entire stay... ten days to be exact! Lol. Anyway, I did like his company, plenty of things to talked about and he knows how to wash dishes! I did wonder tho, his phone was constantly ringing, which I found irritating at times. Too many GF's? I joked. You're too strong, he shot back. Is that bad? I asked. His look tells me, I better shut up lol. He did mentioned a few of the girls he met and his ex been calling him as her doctor told her she MIGHT have a cancer and scheduled her for a surgery in 2 months. OK. Spare me the details please.

It was during the cold spell when he was here, and really got cold even with comforters and blankets. We even kept the fireplace going and still complains of being cold. Good thing I got some ukay ukay sweaters I bought to give it to my sister to sell in her store. That helped and actually made him look better!. One cold morning, he blurted out, you know I like you and I know you like me but I don't feel any spark! Did I just got slapped? When I recovered from the shock, I said, I wish if you leave by tomorrow, just don't contact me. I would gotten the message.That way you spared me from being slighted. And by the way, please know that in the end, it's me who decides, not you. What's wrong with being honest, he said with no remorse. You're in the Philippines that's why! I shot back.

It took him another 3 days as he was not feeling well. I cooked, clean dishes which normally I don't do and nourished him and when it's time for him to go, he gained a few pounds. He said, let's keep in touch, I said, thanks but I don't think so. The end.

Sorry that happened Lei. I would hope he was at least courteous about it all. The 'spark' is a luxury of advanced and wealthy countries that generally leaves people miserable into their old age. It is a vain search for blind youthful emotions.

Sorry to hear that Lee2. Seems like a miserable old man who is also a loser. Not a realistic person. I think that you are better off without someone like him. Keep the faith.

I am so sorry to hear that Lei, apparently the guy had no couth and did not deserve you anyway. I feel there is someone out there for all of us but yes while in the Philippines it might take a mature lady a little longer to find the right guy, IMHO do not give up, what do you have to lose but some time and in the mean time you get to meet people. I feel with each person we meet, we learn, you got to learn a little about that guy and probably about his country, so now hopefully you know more for the next time what questions to ask before hand. Dating anywhere IMO is all about becoming friends first and possibly it working into a relationship.

BTW, I have met a number of guys who did not want young girls, heck Steve of Steve and Myrlita on this forum is one of them. Steve is a great guy and Myrlita is a lovely lady, my wife and I got to meet them both in person and it seems to us that they have a great marriage and relationship, so not everyone wants a young lady, I know that I never did.

So Lei, all I can tell you is to be patient, God has his plans for all of us and I hope he finds someone great for you.

Steve & Myrlita:
Hehehe. Thanks Lee. Yes Lei, not everyone's looking for a young girl. Remember, I'm 57, Myrlita will be 61 in Sept. It will also be 8 years together in Sept, 8 year Anniv in Nov. Do we have our share of fights? Yes we do. But so does every other couple.


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