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Gray Wolf:

--- Quote from: MotorSarge on June 18, 2021, 05:00:33 AM ---We have used commercial boarding kennels a few times in the past due to employment obligations and long distance from family but I do not recommend them as they are very stressful for some pets and extremely overpriced.
So...I would board her with friends if you really need to go!

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Yes, what Motor Sarge said ^^^  No way would I subject a family pet to the rigors of a 24+ hour place ride. Plus, I don't think they are allowed in the main cabin.


--- Quote from: Bob Johnson on June 10, 2021, 11:42:23 PM ---Wife and I planning on trip in December (hoping country is open) and will travel with our puppy. Looking at Phil Consulate website re permits vaccinations rfid chip etc but the permits are for importation. We're not importing, just visiting, has anyone recently traveled with their pets US to PI?

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You didn't say how long you're going for, but I'm guessing a few weeks? Having looked into this when contemplating a permanent move (with a cat), we decided it was a no-no. For a temporary stay I would look to finding a well-respected in-home carer for your pet, or someone who boards in their own home (my daughter looks after many dogs where the owners partly live abroad).

What was the conclusion?


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