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Rice farming/opening a mill?

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--- Quote from: Celtictiger on December 31, 2016, 12:47:53 PM --- Thanks for the advice
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Your very welcome. 

We have learned the hard way that rebuilding the soil is no easy or fast job.  If your farm is productive I would not interrupt it unless your very serious about converting to organic agriculture.

I will say that we have learned that you can generate a little more food, (or peso's if you wish), by cover cropping with mung beans in between your normal crop rotation.  I am guessing that y'all do a rice / corn rotation.  That is most common here.

Good luck with the mill.  I don't know anything about large scale or commercial milling business.  We have a very large and well established mill right down the road from us, so attempting to compete with them made no sense.

We did buy a small single pass family mill, (capable of handling most small grains, rice, corn, wheat, oats, etc), and converted that to run off of solar electric.

good luck in the new year.  Salamat


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