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Dumaguete City


From worse to best: resorts, hotels, street vendors, banks and store fronts.

The best store front business we found to exchange money, (not only hundards but 10\'s of thousands), in 2004-2006 was Optimum Traders 38 Perdices 225-4637. Back then, you could look at Bloomberg TV and get a real good idea what they were offering on the exchange or just call them for their rate.

We even had them come to our bank, (when the dollars bottom started falling out), and take money from our dollar saving account and put it into their account and they brought in an armored truck pesos, (better exchange then the bank), into our peso checking account. We carried NO money. Now that\'s as safe as one can be! I understand that they will come to your hotel room also.

My info is OLD, (more then a year), but something to \'check out\' in searching for the best exchange rate in town.


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