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Bikes we can ride without looking like we are sitting on a toadstool

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When I arrived a couple of years ago for my first visit, I picked up a 150cc Automatic Scooter. This bike is by no means a BMW, but it is big enough that I don\'t dwarf it, and after having the seat recovered and some extra padding added so my knees where not dragging on the ground, it is quite an acceptable ride, it has just enough ommph to get off the mark, just. And it does a respectable 80 clicks over the edge of a cliff with a tail wind.

I\'ll post some pics later in the thread, and some others which might be acceptable rides as well. With our \"Mass\" being more than the average Filipino it is important to get the biggest engine we can find. Preferably go Japanese, I went with a Taiwanese bike the first time and my wife\'s bike is Japanese, she has a Yamaha 110cc Automatic. When I ride it I have to give it a fistfull of gas to get it off the mark, with her on it, it is sprightly, with me on it, you can\'t see the bike past looking at me. I looked up the specs on her bike, with just me alone on the bike, I am over the recommended load for the bike without a passenger as well.

With my bike I modified the breathing system, pulled of all of the aircleaner junk and have a foam core just in front of the carb, put in a bigger jet, now I get less fuel economy but it is more respectable off the mark. When riding with my wife on separate bikes, she now cannot keep up with me in acceleration, but has a higher top speed than me due to tire size, her wheels are bigger than mine.

The automatics are fun, no gear changing just riding for the fun of it, now when they come up with a 1000cc Auto, I\'ll get one of those in a heart beat.


Honda has a 200cc version over there that should be enough juice for ya...

The problem I have is my prosthetic is not very good at changing gears, the foot does not move so I have to use my knee to do the gear changes, and as the motor is more rev than grunt, its a lot of gear changing. Its one reason I like a big grunty motor, less changes, more roll on response from the motor. I loved the BMW, I could go from 20 kph to 160 kph without changing gears, and I could shift from 1st to 4th and tool around at 20 - 30 kph no problems. If I needed a quick blast down a gear and lay rubber.

Just can\'t find anything here with real grunt, so I ride my little bike and dream of going faster than I can.


Here is my bike:

I had my seat covered in German Leather and padding added to give me an extra 4 inches of seat height, stops my knuckles dragging on the ground. This one is a Taiwanese 150cc Single Cylinder Automatic Scooter.

And here is my wifes Bike:

When I ride this thing, it disappears beneath me and the mirrors don\'t go out far enough to see anything but my shoulders. And this one is a Yamaha 110cc Automatic Scooter.


Hey Wayne, check this out:

Electric push-button shifters. Might be something.

Personally, I\'m scared to death of anything with fewer than 3 wheels, but since I\'ve been carrying around a sizeable divot in the back of my skull for 15-odd years from getting nailed by a car on my mountain bike, I figure I got a good reason. Give me something with some metal between me and the other idiots on the road.


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