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I just came back from my inquires at the Immigration field office here in Puerto Princesa Palawan. The picture they painted for applying for a 13A permanent residence is a bit different from what I have read on the BI site and from what has been mentioned here in the forum. I was wondering if you kind folks could maybe clear up some of my confusion. They gave me General Application form RBR 98-01. Does the new application form MCL 07-01 replace this? They didn\'t seem to think so?
The field office was very helpful but I\'m wondering if I\'m just confused?



It has been confirmed, that at Cebu Immigration, they are also using the new forms & rules. It may just be a roll out happening & Palawan haven\'t had the training/upgrades needed as yet. I think you have 3 choices. One, follow their guidelines & perhaps end up wasting time (months) & money. Two, print out the Memorandum, requirements & new application form MCL-07-01 to show them (it is from their Boss) or Three, have a trip to Manila with the new paperwork & get it done quick & easy.


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