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Author Topic: Expansion of budget airlines spurs more leisure travel among Filipinos  (Read 2111 times)

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June 8, 2011, 3:13am

MANILA, Philippines The rapid expansion of budget airlines has spurred more Filipinos to spend a bigger cut of their budget for leisure travel.

\"The future is bright for the leisure travel industry and we see passenger traffic doubling in the coming years, said AirPhil Express Senior Vice President for Marketing & Sales Alfredo M. Herrera.

Herrera said the entry and rapid growth of budget airlines in the country has made it more \"affordable\" for Filipinos to travel not only for business but for vacation.

He added Filipinos used to prefer buses and ships as their mode of travel for their vacation in the country.

But with competition in the budget airlines tightening, Herrera revealed the cost of an airline ticket is now within the reach to a broader number of Filipinos.

AirPhil Express is currently the fastest growing budget airline in the country and it remains on course of being at par with the price of a bus or ship ride. \"Flying by air is faster, safer and more comfortable than land or sea and people will choose to travel by plane if they would pay the same price,\" said Herrera.

Herrera further reveals, demand for leisure travel was coming from a wide base of consumers aged between 15 and 60 years old who were getting more information on travel destinations not only in the Philippines but also outside the country, \" we believe in giving our customers more value so we continue to offer innovations to serve them better.\"

AirPhil Express invested in a new fleet, comprising of modern Airbus A320 series to meet the growing demand from domestic and even international travelers. With the A320\'s optimized legroom and elbowroom, passengers have access to stowage spaces, and world-class services from its pilots and cabin crew. (EHL)


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I agree with this news item about AirPhil Express.

I flew from Cebu to Davao return and the cost for their promo at the time was less than 2000 pesos if my memory is correct and that included a 15kg baggage allowance

Their services were quite good and certainly better than Seair, the last domestic airline I flew with. AirPhil even apologised for the delay in departure time, something that\'s unusual in my experience in flying domestically as most flights are usually late anyway.

AirPhil Express offer very good value for money and I would certainly fly with them again.